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Hello, my name is Dale Ann Malone. I live in a small town in Southeast Michigan. I have 2 teenage sons, a husband that's an Engineer ( he keeps me on track with the business part of my business), a dog and a cat. I have been a Michigander all my life. I don't regret any minute of living in Michigan until it is -20 F out.  Ha Ha

 I have worn several hats in my life.  I graduated from Michigan State University in 1990 with a Telecommunications Degree.  In 1999 I became a mom for the first time. In 1998, I began my Therapeutic Massage career.  The name Healthy Body Investment was the name I chose for my Therapeutic Massage business.  I considered changing it but I thought all the same principles applied to my new venture.  Everyone should want to invest in a healthy body.  Let's face it, it takes investment whether it is time ( research, exercise, healthy eating) or money.

 During school I attended many health and anatomy classes, along with a variety of classes on body care. This is where I fell in love with formulating products for bath and body care. My Aunt Mary, who has since passed, gave me my first soap making book in 2000 and I was hooked. I started with some basic bar soaps and lotions that my family and I haveused over the years. In 2014 I quit the Therapeutic Massage field and started to concentrate on just formulating. The change hinged on the fact that my body was getting a bit beat up from doing massage over the years and the need to make a face cream that I did not have to spend $60.00 on. As I began to look at what went into the face cream I was using,   ( it was one that was produced by a well known, well marketed company) I realized that I could change the ingredients to achieve a naturally derived alternative with the same or better benefits. There was a lot of research involved on the ingredients to get to that point but I was very happy with the results. That lead to a discovery of many different ingredients and the love for the chemistry that puts them all together.

There is a lot of controversy about different ingredients in our products these days. Some of them are not the best for your skin or your immune system, so the research says. I believe consumers need to be more informed about the ingredients in their products. We can no longer blindly trust companies that may or may not have our best interest in mind.  In my case I decided to formulate my own cosmetic products. The cosmetic industry ingredient suppliers are starting to supply the industry with innovative naturally derived ingredients. That is great for everyone. They are starting to understand that people want a healthy alternative. Since 2015 I have come up with several formulations that my family uses every day. What I absolutely love to do is take everyday big box store products and re-create them into naturally derived formulas. 

I strive to create innovative, naturally derived cosmetic formulas.  I also strive to create formulas that are not over complicated but effective.  Have you seen some of those labels and the lengthy list of ingredients?  Do they do that to confuse everyone?  LOL   Simple ingredients formulated together to create gentle and effective products for the whole family.  Thank you for stopping by my website to see what my products can offer you.  You never know what I might formulate next.